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Our automated system tracks CPR teaching in 1 centralized platform. CPR Assistant will alert you before there's an issue so you can relax and do what you do best.

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Our customers have been able to increase sign-ups, catch issues immediately, and save time using our all-in-one platform.

Helen Vargas


CPR Assistant made it very easy for me to view my list of upcoming and past classes along with my textbook and ecard codes. I enjoyed having a record of my stuff all in one place.

Alex Chen


I love how I can see all my scheduled up coming class and past classes that I’ve taught and what I am being paid for. When I am done with class, the system warns me if anything is out of compliant and what else I need to do/address before submitting roster/paperwork.

Paul Helbig


Having everything in one place really helps. My team and I are able to figure out really quickly when we are out of stock, when a class doesn’t have enough students, when there’s not enough instructors, when paperwork is incomplete… CPR Assistant makes things easier to read & understand for us. The reports are also insightful designed just for our kind of business.

Rely on us. We rely on experience.

With over a decade of teaching experience, on top of management of instructors, paperworks, students, and more, we've built the only software that does it all.

Identify Key Issues

Reduce headache and time by allowing CPR Assistant to help you & instructors spot issues immediately.

Automatic eCard & eBook

CPR Assistant helps you, instructor and students send & store AHA e-codes: this allows for easy reference & time saving support.

Record Management & Intelligent Reports

We help make life easy by storing all paperwork, payments, payrolls, audit log and more in one place; which also allow us to give you actionable reports.

This is where the magic happens.

See how CPR Assistant can help you, students and instructor get classes done - simplier & faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us if you can’t find an answer to your question below:

Yes! We have 3 months trial period.

Enrollware and classbyte are class registration software. CPR Assistant is an CPR operation software where class registration is only one part of the software. In our software, it has all the function needed to run a CPR operation for compliance, profit, and customer service.

This software is a web-based software. No download is required. The website is mobile friendly design for use on the go.

CPR Assistant is not simply a software but a set of business operation and logic built into the platform. The design of the program has been over a decade of experiences and management to help all CPR instructors and admin run the operation with ease.

No we do not. We utilize AHA IN’s excel import/export functions to allow user to download and upload pre-configured files to quickly keep track of data.

American Heart Association – if you are reading this, we’ve been trying to get in touch with your web department. We would love to integrate into your system to make things easier for everyone.

Easy. We will initially set it up for you. And if you decide to do it yourself or update the list of classes later, it’s as easy as copy & pasting HTML code to the website. If you use wordpress or squarespace, we have instructions for you. It is very simple & easy (takes less than a minute).

Each course type has a default pay. Admin can adjust the pay for each instructor per type of class; making it flexible per course type and per instructor. When a class is completed, both instructor and admin can confirm the pay and input any reimbursement needed. All this data is stored and can be looked up per class and within the payroll report.

Evaluation- When a student signs up for a class, an account is automatically created. The student can view their class record, any textbook ordered, and the eCard code issued. Students would take out their phone to log into their account to check-in at class and complete the evaluation end of class. This is how CPR Assistant software is able to calculate all the feedback and perform instant-verification compliance check.

Test Paper & Skills Checkoff- CPR Assistant only tracks the score and pass/fail for skills. However, if instructor or admin would like to retrain the paperwork record, files can be scanned and uploaded to each class.

Yes. This is the purpose of the software—to make your life easy and to save time for students, instructors and admin.

CPR Assistant has AHA class compliance logic built in as well as fundamental business operation checks- profitability, scheduling, inventory, etc.